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Order top stub checks and make your accounting procedures much easier, especially when you print the checks using software programs on your computer. These checks have the stub on the top of the check which makes it easy to tear off and place in your files. When you want to balance your checkbook at the end of the month, you can compare the top stub of each check you wrote to the entry on your statement.

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You know exactly what the check was written for and if there are any discrepancies you can report them to the bank immediately.

Top stub personal checks are preferred by many people who want a professional looking receipt to match each check they write. Having these records all in one convenient place is a major time saver for bank account reconciliation as well as tax purposes.

What else is available besides top stubs?

There are other types of checks that are suitable for both personal and business use that give you a record of each check, such as:

  • Duplicate checks. These are carbonless duplicates of each check in the checkbook. When you write out a check, you automatically have a copy of it.
  • Side tear checks. Some checks have a small tab on the side of the check that can record more detail and are usually reserved for business use, since they come in a binder and there are two or three checks to a page.

Where can I order checks with top stubs?

You can place your order or reorder right here with our online merchants. We have excellent prices, selections and fast convenient delivery. So place your order today and we'll have your top stubs on the way to you in record time.



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